Travel Marrakech

At the foot of the snowy-covered peaks of the Atlas Mountains, erected among its red ramparts and under the shade of its thousand-year-old palm grove, Marrakech, the ochre city of legendary resonances, unrolls its splendours and its magic, within the craftsmen and the leather tanners, in a bursting abundance of multicolored linens and of art’s objects, through the endlessly merchants’ chats and the juggling of buffoons.

Famous by the Jemaa El Fna Square, Marrakech, the leading city of the Almoravids, has been founded around 1070 and the first military conquests leave from that rudimentary camp. A few years later, Marrakech became the capital of a vast empire under the reign of “Youssef Ben Tachfine” and spread itself, under the Almohads, to the faraway borders of Libya.

The first Almohad sovereign, Abdelmoumen, undertakes the building of the Koutoubia’s mosque, and his grandson, Yacoub El Mansour will complete it with a superb minaret, still visible today.  Youssef, the son of the later, dug water reservoirs and built a wide administrative district that was the apogee of Marrakech. 

Built at to the same era as "the Giralda" of Seville and the "Tour Hassan" of Rabat, the Koutoubia (11th Century) is an authentic masterpiece of the Spanish Moorish’s Art. Its minaret thrusts itself to near 70 meters high.
Dream, change of scenery and gastronomy melted to Moroccan hospitality are as much factors that will valorize your travel and will rend your trip unforgettable.